Feeling a little bored at your Flash conference?

You can slyly get your nom nom on when you’re at your next Flash conference and things have you feeling a little bored.

You know just about everyone there has a cool messenger bag stuffed with their laptop, schedule, Android device, Snickers bar, moleskine tomes and various collected swag. But you can surprise everyone with this cool little messenger bag.

Bust out a blanket, some wine (or better scotch), and perhaps some take out containers from the local Thai culinary establishment. No one will have seen it coming, although they might have smelled it coming.

Get your MVC action on while relaxing and meeting new friends over adult beverages and some curried flesh – and be the envy of the entire room!

Artist: Jae-Hyo Lee


It’s not very often when I come across a modern artist that piques my attention, especially one that works in something other than graphite or oil paint. It’s just how I am wired, a little old fashioned in this regard. For instance I really can’t stand museums of modern art, 99.9% of the time I just don’t get it or see the talent pouring out of the work.

Today I stumbled upon the magnificent work of artist Jae-Hyo Lee. It’s a little hard to describe it, but I am really drawn to his wood & nail compositions. On first glance things look hammered into the surface, but it’s much, much more than that. To quote a gallery in regards to one of his pieces (“0121-1110=106062”):

Jae-Hyo Lee’s wood sculptures reveal both the unique organic quality of the natural material and the intervention of the artist’s hand. Carved from a solid slab of wood, hundreds of nails are hammered into the surface and then carefully bent to create patterns that evoke the ripples of water or currents of air.

After scorching the entire surface of the work to achieve a rich black patina, Lee grinds the nails, exposing the raw silver metal in order to “draw a picture on wood using nails,” according to the artist. He sees this process as a metaphor for both physical labor and the way in which such labor can create beauty.

His website (thumbnails work, but larger images are broken at the moment). Check out all of the amazing things he’s created… seeing these images (small) online does them no justice. It’s mathematical, it’s freeform, it’s constrained, it’s dark and light, etc. I just find it really magical.

Core77 website.

NSNotificationCenter userInfo

I must be pretty daft to nearly lose my mind every time I want to use NSNotificationCenter on the iPhone… for uses beyond a basic method call someplace in the wild. I want to send information. I am posting this only because when it’s been a while since I’ve used them, and I seem to forget what I am doing and end up figuring it out all over again. Each time. So this post is reference for me. Continue reading “NSNotificationCenter userInfo”

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Strange SA Flash Player behavior (solved)

In OS X Snow Leopard, for a long while now, every time I’d double-click a SWF, it would open an executable (projector) that I made over a year ago. Not the SWF I wanted, just that projector file. If I tried to change the file association for a SWF to the SA Flash Player (latest), it would change right back to the projector. A serious pain in the ass, especially if people are coming to visit often and you’re having to view different SWFs.

I tried all kinds of things, including Terminal tricks and flips. Still no go. I started to think I was forever banished to the GetInfo functionality of my local SWFs.

On my desktop is a folder of some of the projectors I’ve made. What I did was rename the default projector that wanted to launch every time I double-clicked a SWF. So what happend? It cascaded and found the next one and wanted to use that. Wha? So I renamed my folder instead that contained these projectors. Problem solved. It wouldn’t default to other projectors in any other location.

Freaking weird. So after a lot of frustration the problem is solved, but I’d love to know what caused it.

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