Month: July 2013

Tonight my wife bought a Samsung LCD for me to hang above the treadmill. She also bought a wall mount (they only had a fancy swiveling thing at the ready), an AppleTV and an HDMI cable. So when I came …

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Somewhere up there my Babcia and Dziadzia are probably smiling just a tiny bit more, especially my Dziadzia. He was the diehard Pirates fan. A steel-worker hitchhiking in his youth to Forbes Field and then trips to Three Rivers Stadium. …

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This is the very first YouTube video I’ve seen where someone ordered custom QC 15s and filmed the unboxing. Pretty cool.

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Google is planning on buying a 6.3% interest in Himax Display (who produce the little display used in Glass). Analysts say this means Google is preparing to produce 2 million of Glass each year. Let me think about that. I …

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Please support this film project at indiegogo At a Glance “Rebirth” is an experimental short film by Patryk Kizny, a visual artist recognized for pioneering motion-controlled time lapse cinematography and exploring innovative imaging techniques. “Rebirth” is the first film ever …

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Some times you need some heavier music, without being all screaming and bitter and evil. Jason Newsted’s band NEWSTED has a new album coming out (Heavy Metal Music) on August 6th. Singing that isn’t an afterthought. A heavy but not …

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ColorWare Inc Facebook Gallery (some nice stuff in there!) You can now use an online design tool to customize your Bose QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones! Directly from the Bose website:

I’m a little confused by Mophie and their customer service right now. My current Mophie case that I use with my iPhone 5 has really come into play as I have been using it to extend the battery life of …

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This isn’t a Ballmer rant – that would be too easy and it’s being done constantly. I’ll save him my taking another pound of virtual flesh. Although to be honest, I’m itching to do it again. But I won’t. I …

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const int buttonPin = 4; // input pin for pushbutton int previousButtonState = HIGH; // for checking the state of a pushButton int counter = 0; // button push counter void setup() { // make the pushButton pin an input: …

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Some like 3D experiences whether in the theater or while at home on their 3D-capable sets. However, the majority of consumers aren’t swayed by the technology. And yes, Virgin Media is dropping 3D in films for the future (1). Where …

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I don’t partake of the Adobe Flash AS3 code bubbler very much any more, having saddled up with Objective-C and iOS/OS X development a lot more these days. However, I do dabble in AS3 from time to time, generating some … for AS3 Read More »

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I’ve lone given up spending large amounts of money on Gillette razors and shaving goop – and for a while I went with Dollar Shave Club. I found out DSC merely resold other’s razors marked up, and I was going …

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