The new CarPlay

WWDC24 brought with it a great number of user interface updates, changes, and new components – some championed and some ridiculed. One of the ones that I took notice of was the improvements made to CarPlay that reach far beyond even last year’s aspirations. They put in so much work in making things extensible, adjustable, branding-capable, and well-thought out. Just tons and tons of really sweet work. I love different ways of visualizing data. And Apple brought it in spades and to me it’s quite inspirational. You can be as spartan as you’d like, and then add tics and gradients and all sorts of augmentations if you’d like. It’s a mix of WatchOS customization, CarPlay of the past, widgets for iOS/MacOS/iPadOS, and more. Simply splendid. I have begun to generate some examples on my own as refreence.

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