4 years of Keychron didn’t take

I tried. I really did. In fact I have 3 Keychron keyboards – each with the accompanying wooden wrist rest. I could never manage to touch-type on them because of the key travel. But I honestly love the idea of them. I just unpacked an old Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard – and things are so much better. I have two Logitech MX Master 3S mice that are sitting now.

The Magic Keyboard is just so quiet, I don’t miss any kets as I type, the sound is reassuring, the key travel is minimal, and the experience is just elevated. It sounds awesome and I am saving time by not having to reach for the backspace key as much. That’s a huge time saver to be honest. I am typing this and I have been coding al day with the MK.

Is it important enough to share as a blog post? Perhaps. If you can pick up a used MK or MM – give them a try and yo u might be quite surprised as the quality of those products. They are a joy. I also have a Magic Trackpad but I never quite got used to using it. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime.

Enjoy your evening.

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