My quest for the holy backpack.

I recently came across a long and exhaustive blog post about someone else’s search for a great trail bag. I am currently looking for a new role, but before that I was on such a journey and I leave some thoughts here for any who visit to consider.

I have a lot of camera gear, so when I was looking for a suitable bag, I was looking for it to be able to tote my gear first, and then hopefully come into use as a travel bag (carry-on). I love a lot of Peak Design’s pricy gadgets and gear (camera clips, camera straps, tech pouches, bathroom bags, etc.) They are known for their high quality, attention to detail, rugged construction, and high prices. But it’s the kind of thing typically where you pay a lot but get a lot of use out of it.

So I started with the Peak Design Everyday – a very expensive option. I loved the looks of it, it was meant as a camera bag, so I pulled the trigger and ordered one. I tried to love it.

For the price, I was expecting to drool over it. And I kind of hated it. It’s a very heavy bag. For camera gear it’s sub-par in my opinion – too few options for compartments and very few pockets at all. I used it for work, and I didn’t like it. My walk from my car to my office was maybe 300m and even that was a chore. So I tried using it just for weekend camera gear transport – and it didn’t work for me at all. It sits in my home office looking impressive but empty.

Next I tried an Osprey Porter 30 Backpack – and I have to admit, it was pretty awesome.

I got a rain cover for it – and I used it during some decent hikes and also for commuting to work. This would have been my go-to bag, but my son took a liking to it for school and he has it now. Instead of replacing it, I thought I would try to get something a little more… everyday appropriate. The Osprey was overkill for simple work ad travel tasks. So I decided to try and find something a little more pedestrian.

I read a lot about a McKinnon Nomatic 25L camera bag/system so I thought I would try it out. Its freaking great for a camera bag, and I have all of my gear I one right now. If you’re after a decent bag and don’t need a lot of pockets, check one out. I got the cube system with it and it takes the experience to the next level. For travel, it’s not a great bag in my opinion. Its a greta bag though and I’m keeping it as a dedicated camera bag.

I then came across a smart and simple bag that I’ve been using since it came home with me. It’s a tomtoc 26L backpack. Structurally unique, very light, plenty of storage, waterproof, quality construction, great straps, great balance, and it looks really nice. It doesn’t scream outdoors at all which I appreciate.

I’ve stuffed it with headphones, some merino wool shirts, underwear, shorts, shaving bag, etc. and it’s been perfect in airports and the like. It’s a great day pack and even a weekender. It has a lot of storage, thoughtful pockets, a laptop pouch, great straps, greta weight, and it stands on its own when placed down on a surface.

Its by farther least expensive bag in my arsenal I’e been using it for about 3 years now and it still looks brand new, As a brand and a bag, I think its quite nice and it may surprise you. I have been very satisfied with it so far, Winner,

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