Sleep attempt two failure

It’s a Friday morning in a quiet house – only the slight hum of electronics keeps me company. Outside, the world is dark and the windows show me nothing but the edges of streetlights on motionless foliage. Melatonin has failed to accomplish its task after the first attempt. I came downstairs for a sliced apple, hoping that might allow me some respite.


So now I am trying to code in the middle of the morning – knowing that at some point I’ll wander back upstairs and try to sleep again. Hoping not to sleep too long past sunrise since I’ll be getting such a late start. I had no late coffee. Perhaps it’s just worry based on job-searching activities and the promise of responses I have not had yet. It’s difficult to relax during the day – and when it’s most important at night – it seems at times to be even more difficult.

Perhaps I should write another book and shop the idea around. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been able to to walk into a bookstore and see my name on a spine. What might I write about that anyone would be interested in reading these days? If it’s about technology – I think most go to YouTube, Coursera, or other digital avenues that are nearly free and more convenient. Fiction? I have never really written anything of serious length like that before. It’s really not something I studied in any great depth. It might be fun to write a biography – only for family members who will come after me who might be interested in some small aspect of another family member.

I don’t know.

But I really need to sleep here. I need to close Xcode and Sketch and dream about software instead of trying to force ideas to reveal themselves under the pressure of sheet avoidance. Good morning (night).

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