Panic Status Board

I know. I know. I did what I said that I would not do. I purchased Panic’s Status Board for my iPad mini. Did I buck up for the Airplay capability? Heavens no. While it might be pretty cool for a minute or two – I don’t have a set up where that would make sense.

Even while working from home I can’t see myself looking up at the television every so often to check the status of things when they are within easy viewing on a laptop or desktop screen.

After some use update: I am getting bad response from weather server errors, random protocol errors from Gmail, bad renderings in charting, weird Twitter rendering outages, etc. Hopefully a lot of this will be addressed in an upcoming update – because it does have a lot of stuff that needs work.

Wait a minute… I thought of something like this back in 2010. Check it out.


I called it Glimpster… and it is a small take on what Panic has done. You couldn’t customize widgets and it didn’t have feeds, but the intention of it matches Panic’s… to provide a status view into one’s world stuff.

Check out Glimster on the App Store if you want to.

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