Good thing I checked

I hadn’t received my activation email yet, but I had an order ID number, so I figured everything was cool. I waited a few days and then without the email I started to worry a little bit.

I emailed WWDC support and inquired. They had no record of the ticket being paid for, check my bank statement or try again. WTF? How did I get the ID on the thank you page? Anyway, I purchased again.

This time I got an email with a receipt, etc. Now I know everything is going to be set. I’m not sure what happened but I’m relieved its been sorted out.

Everything is sorted out – I just activated my ticket tonight. Thank goodness as I had already booked my flight and put a deposit down on my room. So everything is now all set.

See you at WWDC if you made it.

2 thoughts on “Good thing I checked

  1. The booking process sounds absolutely naff! I just don’t understand why you would say Apple rocks when refering to this process. If I was making a booking (for a conference, or the cinema or whatever), and had been through what you have been through I would be making complaints about the long winded process I had been through.

  2. At this point I’d agree it hasn’t been smooth. The fact that I’m attending though is pretty great and that’s what I was referring to in the previous post. Diligence on my part was required for some reason after. That does not rock.

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