Newsted – Above All & Heroic Dose

Some times you need some heavier music, without being all screaming and bitter and evil. Jason Newsted’s band NEWSTED has a new album coming out (Heavy Metal Music) on August 6th. Singing that isn’t an afterthought. A heavy but not over-the-top undercurrent. Very simple with a nice hook. Not trying to be something it wasn’t meant to be.

Enjoy the video Above All (Official Lyric Video) below.

If you’d like another, and who doesn’t, check out Heroic Dose below. Another amazing hook. This stuff makes the latest Megadeth look like a booger. Well… The Fresh Beat Band makes the latest Megadeth look like a booger. This NEWSTED album seems to be shaping up into a regular rotation item. Not obnoxious and something to scare the wife and kids.

You’re welcome. Pre-order this thing already. I have – it’s fun.

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