2009 AS3: Partition Slider Source

Back in 2009 I started to code up an AS3 partition (range) slider, that is, a slider with multiple thumbs. Three in fact. It’s not dynamic by any means.

There is a Document Class but it’s tied directly to assets on the Stage. So I am releasing this just in case someone might need one and has the patience or desire to re-code it to actually be dynamic and allow for a different number of thumbs, etc.

There is some commenting in the Document Class about the thing – what it does and does not do.  You could create a dynamic thing in an hour or two to suit your needs by writing a few more Classes – one for the control itself, one for thumb controls, another for a thumb dragging manager, and maybe some custom events, etc. Please don’t judge me by the source 🙂

Download Link (zipped files): 44kb.

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