Relocating and looking for school information?

One of the things a family needs to consider when relocating (even within the same town) is getting a sense of the quality of the local school systems. This includes private versus public. Which areas are great? You can base your decisions on local gossip or you can base your decisions based on real-world reviews.

There is already a website that one can use as a tool – It does allow for reviews and for the reading of reviews, as well as searching based on a search field. The data is pretty good as far as I can tell – but I’m not sure the UX is as good as it could be. It’s not optimized for mobile rendering as far as I can tell either.

It has a lot going for it – it would be nice if there was a mobile application for it. One of it’s nicer features is the ability to look at school and district boundaries with schools displayed with their rating icon. I don’t know how fresh the icons are, but it’s definitely a good start.

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