An Ambronite diet?

I am mulling going all-in this Ambronite / meal replacement thing. Ambronite is certainly not inexpensive. And it’s a pretty awful slug of bog mush to be honest. There is no way I can see myself drinking straight Ambronite. It’s going to have to be augmented with fruit or vanilla. Beyond the horrific, face-scrunching taste, I feel pretty great after having emptied a bottle into my stomach over my screaming taste buds.

Ambronite is supposed to be much healthier than Soylent. Soylent is good, but uses the bare minimum vitamins and I guess chemical stuff. I do not love Ambronite.

I do have some Soylent 2.0 bottles that I plan on keeping with me in my messenger bag for moments that require a quick hit of something to tide me over. Soylent 2.0 tastes pretty wonderful cold or warm. I love it.

Since I have kids and I wouldn’t want to alienate myself from family activities, I plan on having a normal supper meal with everyone. So Ambronite for breakfast and lunch. Perhaps a Soylent between lunch and supper. That would be a total of 500 kcal + 500 kcal + 400 kcal = 1,400 kcal before supper. More likely 1,000.

This won’t be to augment or be part of a physical exercise regimen. I understand that one can’t or shouldn’t replace all meals with any kind of super-meal drink. Occasional use. Eating is living.

I am going to order Huel as a potential Ambronite replacement. It looks really good and it will come down to taste – which sounds much like Soylent 2.0.

BUGGER. Huel cannot ship to the United States – there is an FDA issue that prevents it right now. Huel is looking to produce in the US in the next few months and ship from there. Import would be expensive and would likely be confiscated by the FDA. So I cannot order yet (and do not want to use a re-shipping service in the UK). I guess I’ll need to wait for it.

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