iOS: GPS Tracks

IMG_1247 For an upcoming trip I thought it would it would be interesting to track movements in a foreign city in a foreign country. All I wanted was some GPS tracking. Not any fitness type of involvement.

I found GPS Tracks and it seems to do what I want easily. Turn it on and away you go. It tracks movement (which you can play back), altitude, speed, etc. More than I need.

You could use this for a motorcycle ride, a hike, a quick jaunt around the neighborhood. I took a 30 minute test drive and it didn’t seem to eat into my battery too much.

Very handy, very cool, and the $4 saved me a lot of personal development time I was planning on to make the app myself. This easily saved myself a lot of time and effort.

Well done.

Track route today. Time: 27:14. Distance 12.0 mi. Route image:


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