Daily watch beater: Seiko SKX013K2 to G. Gerlach Enigma


When not wearing my Apple Watch or more more expensive pieces, my daily beater has been a great Seiko SKX013K2 diver. Automatic, Day, Date, sweeping second hand, incredible lume, and 200m water resistance. This thing has been banged against car doors, door jams, and more without skipping a beat. Very accurate time. Honestly – it’s been a watch that wears easily.

I have since discovered G. Gerlach and their retro-styling. The fact that they are a Polish watch company of great renown is a large bonus. I think they have been around for about three years or so. Look at that Gerlach… it’s beautiful, has a double-domed sapphire crystal with a great AR coating. Date. It’s quartz but it doesn’t have a second hand (so you don’t need to see a cheap looking second tic). So it’s quartz under the hood (accuracy), but has a mechanical chronograph function. A three watch battery. I love automatics, but if this thing has a three year lifespan between batteries, I don’t need to even worry about it. 200m water resistance too. A definite upgrade for a beater watch and it looks a lot better than the Seiko on a NATO. And it’s Polish. Perfect.

Just throwing this out there in case someone is interested in G. Gerlach and a fantastic daily beater.

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