Soylent to the rescue…

This past week has been hell for my wife and I as we made a move into our new home. We hope it’s the last move for some time, as it was mentally and physically exhausting. During this time of running all over the place, picking things up, ordering, cleaning, overseeing carpet installations and furniture deliveries, we often forgot about meals entirely.

The kids are away on vacation with their grandparents and we’re surprising them with a set up home. Well. As set up as we can get it before they return.

Often I’d look at my wrist after kids furniture assembly or some other thing and see I’d blown right by supper. With no groceries in the house, Soylent came to the rescue on so many occasions. A quick pitter patter to the fridge and I’d have 400 kcal in me. Without it I would have been an even more sour son of a bitch with a growling stomach.

Thank you Soylent and thanks to me for ordering it.

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