Bose QC 35 versus Blue Microphone Mo-Fi


I’m lucky enough to have access to both products, the Bose QuietComfort 35 and the Blue Microphone Mo-Fi. The Mo-Fi currently can be purchased from Amazon for $318.99 (discounted from $349.99) and the Bose for $349.99 (no discount offered).

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.45.50 PMI was told to try out the Mo-Fi by BT himself (Brian Transeau) as he swears by them. That was about a year ago. So I sought the Mo-Fi out and I’ve been using them on and off, with QC25s and then QC35s. A note: The QC35s are wireless BT, the Mo-Fi are wired with a built-in amplifier with three states: off, on, and on+ for some bass boost.

I listen to an eclectic set of music. New Age (Andreas Vollenweider), Electronic (BT, Trentmøller, Sasha, Zomby, etc.), Rock (Rush, Queensrÿche, Afghan Whigs, Led Zeppelin, etc.), Heavy Metal (Megadeth, Iron Maiden, old Metallica, etc.) In no situation has the Mo-Fi bested the Bose sound, even with the on+ setting activated.

Countless hours of listening, I get far more clarity from the Mo-Fi, regardless of what BT thinks of them. I am not taking into account the comfort of either headphone. However, the Bose are 1,025 times more comfortable in my opinion. And far lighter.

It might just be my ears, as the Mo-Fi are indeed highly rated. And BT loves them. He’s a brand ambassador on the Blue website. I just don’t get it. I’ve tried to as the headphones are unique in their appearance. And I like the idea of a powered amplifier (that also saves my phone from some power draw). My audio files are good/great quality. Not listening to vinyl with them –  and perhaps that’s the rub?

I may never know. Putting the Bose back on 🙂

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