My mouse suddenly stuck?

I am currently running MacOS Sierra 10.12.1. I have a magic mouse 2, magic trackpad, Wacom tablet, and a spare magic mouse. Suddenly while working my mouse cursor became stuck in the menu bar above my username. I could shake the cursor with the mouse to enlarge the pointer, but I couldn’t seem to move it.

  • Turned off my Bose QC 35s
  • Turned off my magic trackpad
  • Tried my extra magic mouse
  • Tabbed with my magic keyboard to BT in the menu bar to check battery levels
  • Restarted

Still, the mouse cursor was stuck in place. 30 minutes later I see that my Wacom tablet stylus has rolled onto the tablet and was intercepting all mouse input with the stylus. Flipped it off and I could use my mouse again.


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