WWDC Minor Predictions


Some very minor predictions of mine for WWDC17

  • There will be barrels of Odwalla juice again. I haven’t been to WWDC in a few years due to coming up empty on the lottery – but I have always liked when Apple did that in the past. If you’re peckish between sessions, a quick grab is always welcome.
  • Apple might sell WWDC17 branded Apple Watch bands (silicone). I was thinking it could be part of entry swag, but not everyone has an Apple Watch. Imagine that. But probably true. However selling them for $49 or so might not be a bad idea. Use that WWDC17 red for the band with subtle white lettering near the watch body.
  • Gruber will be selling Daring Fireball shirts at a table in the lobby of The California Theater on Tuesday night. He’s a rock star in the Apple public ecosystem – so it’s probably a no-brainer. I’ve always liked the simple grey with light grey star on it. If it’s there, I’ll be bringing one home with me.
  • Lyft will be busy carting people to 1 Infinite Loop to visit the store and have a walk around. At least they will be busy doing that for me.
  • A lot of developers are probably going to be wandering around looking for cool things to do. San Francisco had some sight seeing available (Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, other stuff). This is my first trip to San Jose, so I don’t know what’s around there. A worker who returned from Google I/O said there was a street someplace that was loaded with great restaurants. I hope to find it. Ethiopian if I can find it.

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