Ambronite: How much to use?

The Ambronite 10-meal packages sent to me are based on 160 calories servings. Umm… that hardly qualifies as a snack. That’s $49 per bag. There is no way you’ll get 10 meals out of each bag. 3.125 scoops = about 500 calories. It’s really confusing in regards to that language about serving and meal.

Seems like a marketing snafu. Each bag is 1650 calories. Divide that by 500 calories and you get 3.3 meals per bag. That’s like $14.84 per meal. Is my math correct? I pay something along the order of $2 for each Huel meal – and its measurement is straight forward. And it’s great.

Already I feel behind the 8-ball in regards to making Ambronite. I don’t want to mess up and take too little or too much for each shake. I have TONS of it, and it actually tastes quite nice.

I have written the company through several media avenues to get their official take on how I should be making my shakes. They did not ship me a scoop with my order. We’ll see what happens.

Update from Ambronite:

For a full 500 calorie meal, you will need approximately 175ml of Ambronite. If you have a 1 deciliter or 0.5-decilitre scoop at home then it will be fairly easy to estimate the correct amount.
If you only have a tablespoon (15ml) you want to have 12 tablespoons. Basically one 10 serving bag equals 4 full 500 calorie meals. Hope this helps. Have a great day, Fredrik Kaksonen, Customer Happiness Specialist

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