Xcode 9: lost syntax highlighting and autocomplete?


Have you ever been working on a project, and then one day your syntax highlighting is gone? Your autocomplete is generating almost nothing useful? This trick saved me from bouts of madness.

  1. Quit Xcode
  2. Finder > Go (hold down the Option key while Go is selected – this will cause Library to pop up)
  3. Select Library
  4. Developer > Xcode > Derived Data
  5. Find the folder that has your app name & a jumble of characters behind it, i.e. “MyApp-dfwdfdfakjakjaka”
  6. Delete the folder.
  7. Launch Xcode and open your project
  8. It will be re-indexed and you’ll see a folder pop back into your Derived Data folder for the project.
  9. You should be good to go.

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