Aqua di Parma Colonia Quercia Review

Aqua Di Parma Quercia

I am fascinated by great scents. I don’t know why, it’s probably not that common amongst developers, but I am always on the trek to find a signature scent.

When we travelled to Nassau, I went into a boutique and immediately tried out this scent. I was amazed at the strength, the quality, and the staying power of it. I asked how much it cost, and was told $251.00. Yikes. I sprayed myself and we left to our activities.

Each day I walked into that boutique and sprayed myself. I took a photo to make sure I knew what it was called and checked on Amazon. $100.00. How is that for a Bahamas mark-up? I ordered a bottle, and it would be delivered on the day after our home return.

For the months outside of summer, Quercia will be my go-to scent. Aqua di Parma in the standard yellow bottle will be my summer scent. It’s simply lovely stuff.

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