Pruning, shearing, and producing

Goofy 2

I’ve owned this domain since 2001-03-09. I’ve had all sorts of stuff hosted and served from it. A lot of that junk is still mildewing on this platter located somewhere out there. If I want the domain ericd dot com, it would cost me a cool $6,195.00. No thanks 🙂

Anyway, I’ve had to FTP in for a few certain things lately… and I had a slow look around. So much old stuff. So much old and bad code. So I thought that I should spend some time pruning old projects – archiving them to my local web server for safe keeping. You know, as jump-starts to something that might be related down life’s timeline. Shearing a lot of large assets that haven’t been touched for over a decade. Or more. I won’t even archive that stuff, it’s just complete garbage.

I need to overhaul some of the sub-domains that I have here. Everything except this blog is pretty old. Even this blog could use some love.

dustee (no, not Dinkleman)

Anyway, I popped in here to see what plugin updates there were, etc. and thought I would post about some future plans. I need to take this web stuff a little more seriously moving forward.

I am doing some pretty interesting things at work and as experiments, so I should use some of the results and learnings and represent myself with them.

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