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Cornwall vista

This self-isolation from the office, our parks, and generally anywhere out in the world has caused mild discomfort to me. And I am sure to a great many others.

I recently installed an iOS application that was new to me called Broadcasts. Before it recently added a station browser, I had to search out and find streaming audio sources, then I had to dig around in the page’s source code looking for networking URLs with which to save.

Southwestern tip of England.

I recently found a stream called Escape to Cornwall – made up of different areas recorded around Cornwall, UK. The areas are listed as they are played for reference.

An example taken just now as I prepare this post:

9:24Carlyon Bay
19:19Cadgwith Cove
19:14Devoran Pilot Gig
19:09Crantock Beach
19:04Mullion Cove
19:00King Harry Ferry
18:54St Petroc’s Churchyard
18:50Bell Ringing, Lostwithiel
18:44Towan Beach
18:39Looe Banjo Pier

I have found the stream to be of reasonable quality, each area is announced before switching, and is generally quite relaxing. Especially when wearing quality headphones with active noise cancelation enabled.

URL to the site: https://www.escapecornwall.co.uk

Link to the App Store for Mac application: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/broadcasts/id1469995354

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