Metadata and Apple’s App Store Connect

I recently updated an old but still fairly popular analog clock application I originally uploaded in 2017. Apple wants apps updated to a list of certain criteria or face removal from the store.

So after digging around, I found my project and updated a few aspects of it, fixed some bugs, and submitted it compiled against the latest SDK. Since my project is so simple I figured it would breeze through review.

It was flagged for lack of face collection data disclaimers, etc. I had zero idea what was going on. Since my application deals with watch “faces” – the review parser flagged those instances and assumed it meant that my application was collecting facial data. Since the store gets so many submissions, I completely understand automation. In this case, however, it didn’t work as intended.

I updated my metadata to change faces to clock faces – without knowing exactly what was happening, but taking an educated guess. I then replied in the appeal process chat mechanism. A day later my application went back into review and then it did sail through the process.

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