Rocking out at work

Many of you are either working at home most of the time or are being called into the office more since the pandemic subsided. You may have gotten used to rocking out with speakers around your home office, living room, dining room, basement set-up, etc. but now find yourself in public areas more.

You’ve gotten used to listening to tunes between video conference meetings. Now you need to keep that audio more to yourself. Or else you become annoying in this post-Covid workplace world.

Headphones. Open-back, over-ear, open audio, earbuds, etc. You’ll need to pick something to keep the tunes alive and keep your design/development flow going throughout the day. Whether that means Hard Rock, Ambient, Binaural Beats, New Age, or even just your favorite podcasts or audiobooks.

The best aware mode that I have experienced is with Apple’s AirPod Max headphones. They are amazing technology and I love the simple input controls for them. Then there are the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II – with great aware mode and wonderful active noise cancelation.

The APM are a little heavy for all-day use, so I suggest using the Bose QCE2. You almost forget you’re using them and you can gear yourself while on those video/cell calls. Great battery life, small footprint, small case, easy touch controls, great audio rendering, best in class ANC, light weight, smart looking, etc.

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