Christmas markets 2022

I was fortunate enough to have been able to visit the Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, and Hungary this past December of 2022. I traveled with my parents and an Aunt on my mother’s side of the family. A flight into Munich, a bus to Regensburg to meet and board a Viking cruise ship. Those who know me well enough know I simply adore and am fascinated by medieval history.

I can’t explain why, and I know the times then were extremely difficult for many, but there is something romantic and mysterious to that period in time when I consider it. I didn’t take many photos of Regensburg as I was entranced by the experience.

What’s funny was that I brought a medieval hat with me on the trip that I purchased at King Richard’s Faire 00in Massachusetts not long ago. Remember the famous portrait of Sir Thomas More? Yes, exactly like that. I wore that hat while walking around Regensburg and I fit right into the architecture. No one looked at me twice. Perhaps its common for visitors or locals wear this type of dress as or for tourists. It was pretty wonderful to be able walking around like that, and being chilly in town, it certainly helped keep me warm.

I did order a new cuckoo clock which needed to be handmade and thus wasn’t ready for shipping. I think they said February or March to keep an eye out for it. I only need to wind it every eight days which I am most excited about. It’s of heirloom quality for sure. More to come.

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