Documentation is king ♔

Proper and well-thought out documentation in your code and in your files is so key. I don’t care if you’ve only been coding for a month and most of your code is crap – I’ll take your stuff a lot more seriously if you have a good README and commenting in your code. It makes a HUGE difference to anyone else who might look at, need, or want to learn from your work.

I can’t tell you how many repositories I have nearly skipped be cause their README was utter shit or non-existent. And this with nice markdown with meaningful material (not just nice formatting) means you take your craft seriously, take pride in your work, and thus I am much more attracted to it.

After a day of quick coding where you are slapping code in as it comes to mind – go back and comment things. Move things around. Tidy up. And if you’re sharing your code on GitHub, make sure you have a good markdown file describing what your thing is. Include an image! No one wants to download your project and quickly preview or build it and find it’s not close to what they had in mind.

It only takes a moment.

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