Some life suggestions.

Cook wholesome meals.

It’s so easy these days to order Grubhub or Doordash when you’re feeling run down or rushed. Don’t do that. You want low carbohydrate, high protein, organic food. Unless you’re on the Everest Base Camp Trek. Reduce your regular portions and eat smaller, more frequent meals. You’ll feel more like an adult. You can also try making chili, stew, or the like and have it available throughout the week. Easy to re-heat and dress up to look marvelous.

When you cook, allow for the time to do so without rushing. Learn patience and handle ingredients with care. Listening to music or a podcast to remove some of the noise of searing, cutting, etc. can help you slow down. Be mindful of the timing of different things and try to get them to come together instead of finishing components piecemeal. It’s a gentle dance of flavor and exercises you’re after.

After spending that time preparing, try not to rush in its consumption. We’ve all been there – you cook for a long time and when finished – you’re hungry and are anxious to dig in. Eating slower can prevent blood glucose spikes and help your digestion. You’re magnificent, treat yourself that way.

Add greens to your diet

Huel Daily Greens is a wonderful option that might not break the bank. Make sure you are getting enough vitamins & minerals each day to help your body. AG1 is wonderful, is far more expensive and doesn’t contain as much – but you might like its caché. Either way, greens will go a long way in helping you be healthier. Just don’t forget to add real vegetables to your regular diet. Greens help but won’t replace their benefits completely.

Greens first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is a nice way to jump-start your day. If you are involved in intermittent fasting, when you break – use greens as part of that. It’s much more satisfying than swallowing a multivitamin. A multivitamin is better than nothing though.

Try Huel (Black) to compose some of your calories.

It’s a very easy and efficient way of adding 400 calories to your daily total. And when you purchase Huel Black, get it in a few flavors so you aren’t becoming bored with the same shakes every time you have it. It’s easy to pack the powder in small containers (8 ounces) for camping, traveling to the office, etc. making it far easier to use than worrying about a large bag in your cabinet or technical backpack.

Be mindful during the day.

It’s one thing to meditate or be mindful at night or in the morning, but most of your stressors will occur during the day. Keep a string of mala beads handy – in your pocket, around your wrist, or your neck, and say a simple mantra for each bead/stone. During the day while you’re in the middle of something you need to power through.

Find some classical music you enjoy.

Classical music was composed for the common man – it was the pop music of the time. There are some composers who are certainly famous and musical geniuses – but you may find their work overbearing or unapproachable to regular listening. Peruse some lesser-known composers or styles and give them a go. Pick a favorite classical instrument and then go down that rabbit hole. I discovered I dislike piano and love the violin and bassoon,. Samuel Barber and Leopold Kozeluch I have four very entertaining ones.

Use candles.

Lots of them, Even a single pot I a darkened living room can slow everything down. Put one on the counter during an evening shower. It’s old-world, it’s romantic, and it harkens to seemingly more simple times.

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