Joomla vs WP

I spent an hour setting up a Joomla 4 installation on my site – in a test folder. I went ahead and created my SQL database for it, added an admin account to it, then FTP’d the installation. I ran the through the index installer. All pretty straight-forward. The default theme was fairly hideous. So I went about customizing CSS, HTML, etc.

The navigation for Joomla is horrible. Honestly, links of functionality that exist far too-many levels deep. I would find something and then forget how to get back and peck around for minutes. Then I started Googling. When I noticed the default theme css was compressed, I looked to the sky hoping when I looked back it would be formatted. I guess they assume no one will use the default template so why make editing the CSS easy.

I quickly started looking around for free templates – and found a few. After installing those (which was not very easy), they would display fairly broken. So far all the effort was being lost on me. I was not having a good time.

With a few clicks of a mouse I can have a new WP installation with a far superior user interface and way of doing things. Joomla – maybe I just don’t want to hand code so much with you.

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