You can’t beat a fountain pen

When it’s time to sketch some wireframes, interface ideas, some notes during a design critique, or you simply want to capture some interesting thought that just arrived in your mind, you can’t beat a fountain pen for capturing it. I have Lemome note books that have a pen loop and a book mark in addition to a stretch wrap to keep the books closed. In that pen loop I usually keep a very inexpensive Lamy Safari fountain pen. I keep boxes of ink refill cartridges handy because the ink goes quickly, especially during spirited use.

There is something about fountain pens that beckons you to use them more and more. Writing and sketching become fun. The personal barely-there scratch of the nib against fine paper, the transfer of delicious pigment, and the subtle variety of line that they produce. It’s really unmatched. If you don’t yet have a fountain pen, I suggest you try it out. It’s more personal and expressive than your Keychron clipping away during the day. It’s affordable, they last forever, ink is inexpensive and of good quality, and you’ll find you missed writing.

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