Recently I was fortunate enough to find a video of Interior Designer Juan Pablo Molyneux giving a tour of his ch√Ęteau de Pouy-sur-Vannes (located in Aube Region, east of France). I was taken by his deliberate mannerisms, his attention to detail in how he slowly explained restoration theory, and his sense of style – all while not seeming to labor about it. His hair, greying much like mine, served as inspiration.

But sometimes one needs to be realistic about how attractive people can pull things off that everyone else is incapable of. Tonight I was getting my locks cut and I entered into a discussion about this phenomenon. In life I have seen women who were so attractive that they could cut their hair short. Or I have seen older women with long white hair who were unequivocally stunning. But they were already inherently gorgeous – they could be bald and make that work.

So perhaps one day I can try Juan Pablo’s hairstyle – it may be just because I was too lazy to get to the barber.

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