Traveling this year…

Beyond local (domestic) travels this year, I am thinking about something more adventurous and out of the ordinary. Something with unique culture, something out off my comfort zone, and something potentially amazing. I am thinking about either Egypt or Nepal.

While Nepal seems far easier, it’s generally colder with less to actually do unless I’m hiking the entire time or visiting monkey temples. Still super interesting. In Egypt there is Cairo and its museum, Gisa and the pyramids and Sphinx, and then south to other locations and traveling the Nile. Both seem quite inexpensive, to bucking up a little more isn’t out of the question.

Nepal; seems about twice as expensive without all of the necessary tipping basically required to breathe in Egypt. Haggling is a thing in Egypt – I don’t think it’s a thing in Nepal. The heat seems welcome to me right now as I sit beside a winter landscape here in Boston. There is snorkeling and pools and the Nile to enjoy (I’ve heard the Nile is always cold). Nepal doesn’t seem like it would ever get hot, especially at elevation, but comfortable.

So a conundrum. I don’t want to wait too long because at some point I’ll lose the ability to comfortably walk a lot and see things. Maybe a trip starting in Chateaus in Normandy, France and driving around to some spots might be better. Certainly a lot more expensive but maybe not so different as to allow me to use some of my high school French and generally get around. Seaside. Calvados. Cuisine.

I just don’t know…

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