I’ve caught a big Chrome bug here

I am running Snow Leopard and Chrome (5.0.375.38) and I have found a pretty big bug in the way a selection box (comboBox) renders it’s select list. If you have a select control at the bottom of a page and your browser window approach the bottom (not to the bottom mind you), when you click it open, you’ll see something like this:

That’s about right. I would rather have the list appear from the bottom up in this case to resolve the scrolling since there is enough room above the bottom of the page to display all the items in the list, but whatever… it’s still coming OUT of the base select control UI.

However, when the browser window fills the monitor and the page’s bottom sits at the window bottom, I get this (an any monitor and ONLY when the control has had NO ITEM selected within it yet… it’s default opening state. After a selection is made, it sorts itself out properly).

I truncated the length of the page but you can see the initial UI for the select at the bottom of the page and the opened list way up there at the top of the page, curiously hanging out and short in height. I have reported this bug to the Chrome team, but this is a pretty strange bug I would say.

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