So what’s the deal with Flash 10.1 and Android 2.2 sluggishness?

I’m not sure if you’ve been reading about a test video you can watch where Android 2.2 is supposedly significantly faster without FP 10.1 beta running on it. It is beta and will be updated and tweaked, but it has caused some consternation already. Is the worry warranted? Is the main problem in regards to garbage collection or some other underlying technology that is eating up resources over time?


It’s a little scary, but there might be a multitude of technological balls in the air here that are causing problems.

6 thoughts on “So what’s the deal with Flash 10.1 and Android 2.2 sluggishness?

  1. I for one can say the 10.1 and 2.2 are running fine and i have NO slowdown or any problem at all.

    tinylion uk

  2. Hype… give it a few hours to clear away.

    Part of the problem is that the original plaint was in two separate video blogs… harder to identify issue.

    Seems pretty clear he did not take advantage of Adobe guidance on finding sites whose content was optimized for smaller screens. We made an intro “recommended” list because those sites had actually been examined first on a smaller screen!

    The “slow” tests seem wacked… you can’t reload sites on WiFi in parallel and expect true results… browser cache differences alone would nullify that part of the videos.

    Apple-oriented sites, as well as traffic-starved media sites, have incentive to go with wild headlines.

    Summary: Wait. It will take a few hours to untangle these guys’ confusions.


  3. Yeah, I was confused but the “page loading” test also

    … so it turns out that pages that have to load additional content (flash) take longer to load. I could have told the guy that. You could also turn loading images off (jpg, gif) and the page would load even quicker… is that a reason not to support images?

  4. What about the scrolling with multiple SWFs engaged on an HTML page though influencing the scrolling?

    Does that have something to do with the new player pausing, restarting, etc. when an instance is removed from the HTML viewport?

    I only have the Android SDK and not real hardware to see any of this in a real-world situation.

  5. Nexus one works even faster if you turn off images! And without text it flies along.

    ok sorry i’m being flippant but it was never going to be faster was it.

    Early days yet and i think using a blocker and switching flash on when you want it, will become the default.
    But remember this is the first release, and the phones are going to get much more powerful, its early days and may take a while for content creators to get to grips with small screen centric design. This is just the start and it will only get better.

  6. Sorry for delay… got the chance to watch both videos uninterrupted, and take notes… blogpost here:

    This pre-release does not have GPU, so all video decoding is done through CPU… a big naive page can definitely slow simultaneous scrolling. (GPU will be on in full release.)

    Better blogpost, on how little it matters that Apple fansites went hogwild with Brandon’s post:


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