Another Adobe Flash 10.1 with Froyo video “review”

Another video “review” of Flash running on Android 2.2. This one comes from IntoMobile. Scrolling to me still looks kind of choppy… you’ll notice that the content doesn’t seem securely anchored to the page that is being scrolled. That’s a minor nit for a beta plugin I suppose.


For all the Flash content I have seen on the Android in various videos online, they doesn’t yet make me miss it on the iPhone or iPad. I am a Flash Developer first and foremost, so there is no question about my love of the platform. I have yet to acquire a Nexus One to play with, but I am playing with the Android SDK. If I can get my hands on some hardware, I might take to the platform even more. Let’s see what happens at the WWDC.

2 thoughts on “Another Adobe Flash 10.1 with Froyo video “review”

  1. Thanks for posting this; it’s good to see it in action for real. Looking forward to seeing the ads I’ve been missing. 🙁

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