Strange SA Flash Player behavior (solved)

In OS X Snow Leopard, for a long while now, every time I’d double-click a SWF, it would open an executable (projector) that I made over a year ago. Not the SWF I wanted, just that projector file. If I tried to change the file association for a SWF to the SA Flash Player (latest), it would change right back to the projector. A serious pain in the ass, especially if people are coming to visit often and you’re having to view different SWFs.

I tried all kinds of things, including Terminal tricks and flips. Still no go. I started to think I was forever banished to the GetInfo functionality of my local SWFs.

On my desktop is a folder of some of the projectors I’ve made. What I did was rename the default projector that wanted to launch every time I double-clicked a SWF. So what happend? It cascaded and found the next one and wanted to use that. Wha? So I renamed my folder instead that contained these projectors. Problem solved. It wouldn’t default to other projectors in any other location.

Freaking weird. So after a lot of frustration the problem is solved, but I’d love to know what caused it.

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