Dio: Rock and Roll Children & Kotwica

Notice the kotwica on the wall

So I started digging back into my Dio collection, missing Ronnie a little bit today, and I had a video of his from a long time ago, Rock and Roll Children. Not the best song, but I gave it a view and was startled to see a prominent kotwica there on the wall as graffiti.

For those who might not know, the kotwica (“anchor”) was created in 1942 by members of of the AK Wawer unit (small sabotage) as a symbol for the Polish struggle to regain independence. It was quick and easy to spray paint on walls, much to the occupying German force’s displeasure. The meaning of “PW” initially was “PomÅ›cimy Wawer” (“We will avenge Wawer”). The Wawer massacre was considered to be one of the first large scale massacres of Polish civillians by Nazi Germany in Poland.

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