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If you’re anywhere near Boston Thursday, March 14th at 7PM you may well consider stopping by M.I.T.┬áRoom 372, Building E51. Dinner afterwards at the Cambridge Brewing Company. To be honest I haven’t swung by a meeting yet only for fear of actually finding parking in that part of town right after the rush hour.

However, I think I might really make a concerted effort to start attending these meetings. I joined the mailing list – which is incredibly quiet – and when something hits my inbox from it, it’s usually good. I’ll ping the list tonight and see how many people attend these lately to make sure it’s not a tomb before traveling all that way into town to attend.

Update from some members of the CocoaHeads Boston mailing list:

There has not been fewer than 30 people attending a meeting for at least six-months time. A few who responded mentioned that their trip is over 1.5 hours and it’s well worth the trip. More than twenty regularly attend dinner afterwards as well. Turnout reported in other cities one said was dismal, Boston’s branch is quite active.

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