Rush: 5 albums for $20

I almost picked this up at BestBuy just because, but I already have about 3 different versions of these albums already on CD as well as digitally.

Is this coding music? I would say absolutely – especially Signals. I might have a hard time with 2112 just because I’d be tapping the desk trying to keep the beat with Neil (on the epic title track – the rest is slower). My eyes bugged out a little when I saw these sitting on the shelf.

What’s in that case?

  1. A Farewell to Kings
  2. 2112
  3. Signals
  4. Fly By Night
  5. Moving Pictures

That’s a great collection for $20. Great collection. If you’re somehow new to Rush, you have to pick this up. It’s available at Amazon as well for the same price. If you’re not new, you may want to pick this up simply because it’s such a nice deal.

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