WWDC 2013 Announced

Apple has announced the dates and price for WWDC 2013 a day early – allowing developers to prepare a bit before the tickets officially go on sale.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
June 10-14, San Francisco
Tickets go on sale worldwide on April 25 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Last year all 5,000 tickets sold out in two hours. I can only see that number dwindle to possible minutes now with developers all sitting at their machines ready to buy a pass as soon as possible. While this approach is fair to the rest of the world and especially the west coast – it’s going to be a nightmare if those Apple Store servers aren’t bullet-proof.

I got an email from Apple just before I got my text message from a WWDC watching service (WWDC Blast). So while the service did indeed work great, Apple was on the ball – possibly sending the email just before pushing the updates to the WWDC area on it’s website live.

A few important notes: Apple is requiring that those buying a pass must have been part of the developer program prior to today – preventing those wanting to sign up day of the tickets going on sale and picking one up. Also – Apple plans to publish WWDC session videos while the conference is still going on – no more wait for them to become available after the conference. That’s huge! If I don’t end up getting a pass in time at least I won’t feel so left out.

While iOS 7 might be running behind schedule, at least those bits are most likely going to hit attending developers – I’d hope. I kind of feel sorry for the engineers on iOS as I’m willing to bet that they are working like madmen getting things completed.

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