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I’m a little confused by Mophie and their customer service right now. My current Mophie case that I use with my iPhone 5 has really come into play as I have been using it to extend the battery life of the phone throughout the day. I am currently using something that isn’t battery optimized and I basically need to use the case. I normally don’t use one at all.

Anyway, the little charging on/off switch on the bottom back has become a bit loose recently. Which means sometimes I’ll heard the charging chirp in my pocket and I don’t want the phone to charge – I’d like it to get down to about 15% and then I’ll charge it up – draining the Mophie completely. Since the switch is loose, I sent an email to Mophie about the problem.

Since it’s under warranty, Mophie told me that they would replace it, they just needed a copy of the receipt or a photograph of the serial number. So I emailed them the serial number photo and waited a bit.

They replied with a shipping label PDF and some instructions. They want me to send the entire unit back to them where they can evaluate whether or not they will repair, replace, or simply return the unit back to me. This is the curious part.

I am glad they told me they would take steps to make me a happy customer, but I have to forgo the use of the hardware until they decide what to do. I was hoping they would send me the replacement bottom straight away and then I could return the unit with the touchy switch – allowing me continued use of the battery charger while waiting for the replacement.

I know the units aren’t cheap but it’s as if they don’t trust me. I find that bit curious. Since the problem isn’t awful at the moment (it does still work – I just need to keep a more careful watch of it), I’ll probably delay sending it to them. Hmm. Perhaps that’s part of the plan?

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