Xcode 4 Cookbook

Xcode 4 Cookbook at PACKT Publishing

Steven F. Daniel has a book out called Xcode 4 Cookbook.┬áIt’s available in paperback and e-formats.


  • Learn how to go about developing some simple, yet powerful applications with ease using recipes and example code
  • Teaches how to use the features of iOS 6 to integrate Facebook, Twitter, iCloud, and Airplay into your applications
  • Lots of step-by-step recipe examples with ample screenshots right through to application deployment to the Apple App Store to get you up to speed in no time, with helpful hints along the way

Steven was kind enough to grant me access to the book for me to review. In general if you are new to the exciting world of Cocoa Touch then you may enjoy this book. Despite the title, it’s a bit more about code snippets than it is getting around inside the Xcode IDE – although there is some of that.

If you’re new you may want to check it out the Table of Contents to see if it’s a good match for you. Read a chapter and see if it fits your style.

Available at PACKT Publishing.

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