Apple TV Sunday… all smiles

Knowing someone who manages engineers working on Apple TV is a pleasant bonus in the back of my mind. Sundays with Apple TV devices scattered around our home hooked up to our Wi-Fi and widescreen television panels produces such a pleasant experience.

The kids are reading proper books. Our new rule is to read the pressed pulp version of books, not to read them on devices. It allows for a break with technology and it’s experience, and allows them to enjoy a time-honored tradition of ink and paper. You can’t remember the texture, the slight smell of the pages and cover adhesive, the elegant binding, etc. in a digital format.

We have radio classical music wafting through the large pockets of air, reaching their ears, calming them and allowing them to concentrate a bit more. It really does work. The Bose systems involved further enhance the experience.

Sorry Dad for having made a bit of fun at your expense growing up. When you put your LPs on the stereo and play those rare recordings of classical genius, I’d laugh and proceed to listen to a cassette of Megadeth or something else. That type of music still rings through me – but classical has truly grown on me and now I can see where you were coming from.

Classical was meant as music for the people, not for the elite as it’s often portrayed. I am happy that my children embrace classical at times too. It’s helping with their reading as well, so I can only be happy. The Apple TV allows for this in our home… be it directly connecting to radio services, or connecting from our multitude of iOS and OS X devices. I don’t need to mention video media – because it shines there for other reasons as well.

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