Last night I nearly ate it…

Last night some idiot nearly took me out on my motorcycle. Here is how it played out.

I was riding on a two-lane road at night, around 11PM.

  • A red light 200 feet ahead
  • A road to my right before the intersection for the red light (my target)
  • Car behind me for a good half-mile, following too close (a jerk?)
  • I was travelling a little above the speed limit because of the car behind

I put my signal on with ample time for the car behind me. Moved to the right side of the lane for my approaching right turn – in case the car wanted to go to my left to get to the light. Check my right mirror. Put my brakes on a tad (they pulse for the first 2 seconds or so). Start to turn in to the side street.

The car behind me zipped by me (45 mph in a 25) on MY RIGHT side – nearly leaving the road altogether to pull it off. They definitely didn’t see me at the last second and swerve around me – they were braking too before I started my turn. It was intentional in my mind. I can’t know for sure, but wow. What a douchebag move.

A half-second sooner and I would have had a broken leg, a smashed bike, and who knows what else. I pulled into a parking lot to collect my thoughts for a few minutes before getting back on the road.

Glad to be here.

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