WWDC 2014 Keynote

Holy cow. I wasn’t able to make it to WWDC this year, but I did watch the keynote live from Boston. I was extremely impressed with the keynote and how Apple approached the whole thing.

WWDC is of course a developer conference, but there is always the inclusion of App Store metrics, hardware announcements, etc. that kind of water down the purpose of why most developers are actually there for – the nerdy geeky stuff. This year Apple delivered in spades. And diamonds. And clubs. And hearts.

There was so many cool things discussed I don’t know where to even start digging. For every cool thing Apple mentioned, there is a framework for it. So much cool stuff. So much to learn.

Now, I think the coolest part might have been Swift. I am not keen on the name of the new language developed by Apple. And there are a few bitching about the fact that it’s not open and you can’t build apps for Android and other crap like that. Guess what, sometimes to do amazing things, you need to think DIFFERENT. Why the hell should Apple do any of their competitors any favors?

I was going to gung-ho into Swift development and I’ve started picking it up (good thing I recently starting eating Python) – but it’s going to change a lot I’m sure with developer requests and feedback. Objective-C still works and it’s familiar and I enjoy it. So I think I’ll hold off a bit – at least for a while. It is really cool though.

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