WWDC catch up, co-workers, and KMT magazine

WWDC catch up

Today when I wasn’t performing some administration project documentation and work, I was watching WWDC 14 videos. I started off with some of the basic topics, like what’s new in Xcode 6, what’s new in this, what’s new in that, etc. Even though I wasn’t selected by lottery (70% at WWDC are first-time attendees), by brain hurts a little bit in the face of a mountain of new information. Of course, like always, you want to know it all immediately. For the cache. For wanting to produce magic with the new stuff. To have people say, “no way… you did not just make that.”


I have some co-workers attending WWDC and so far they have hooked me up with a t-shirt, which I greatly appreciate. It’s no jacket, but I have enough of those to be honest – and last year’s is really pretty great. Anyway, one thing I’ve always wanted to do was rent a car and drive to the mothership. There were busses last year and the year before that – but they went on Sunday – my arrival day – and I was never able to make it. Guess what? My co-workers are renting a car and going there. Ugh. Why couldn’t we have done that last year? 😉 I’m happy for them though. I’m jealous.

KMT Magazine

I really enjoy archaeology – notably Egyptian stuff. For all of the magazines I have ever purchased, KMT has always been the cream of the lot. Each time I try something else, it’s utter crap. KMT is the go-to publication in my opinion. A weird thing to blog, but it’s something I really enjoy and now you know.

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