Do not buy boutique faucets online. 

Holy shit. We learned the hard way not to buy faucets online. We’re now paying for it in both times and money. 

We bought some vintage looking stuff with the labeled porcelin handles online because we couldn’t find them at Home Depot or Lowe’s and Kohler wanted $1,200 each for them. We still paid close to $250 each. I won’t mention the brand yet. 

Missing parts, non-standard size for parts, short stems, broken parts shipped in the box, etc. Our granite guy told us never go with online stuff because it always ends in nightmare situations. We thought all this stuff was standard-based. Nope. He mentioned how a woman bought a $800 fancy shower valve and he had to tear most of a wall or to install it because it was so custom and awful. 

So we’re on week two without a matter bathroom we can use because we need the sinks done for the hardware which doesn’t fit because of non-standard sizings, and we have no tile on the floor because the counters need done first. And no toilet until the tile is done. 

Ducking joy. 

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