Dirty beards?

Gimli and his beard
Somehow my wife was directed to a web page that states “Apparently beards are filled with fecal bacteria and are ‘as dirty as toilets'”. Okay… this has to be some kind of joke or part of the anti-hipster beard movement. Hipster beards, I agree, are pretty ridiculous.

Filled with fecal bacteria? How? What are guys doing that could possibly cause such a thing? Dirty as a toilet? Really?

I simply can’t believe the report. I do shampoo my face stalks a few times a week, but never every day as that could dry the stuff out and it gets, even more, wirey. I have beard oil but I don’t use that until we’re really into winter and I decide to grow things out a little more than normal.

As dirty as a toilet? Come on…

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