Late to the party: Processing

Welcome, 2017! Before our company break, I was getting into Processing as a visualization method for audio playback. Processing has been around for a really long time, I even have an old book that I recently threw out on the topic. It’s a pity I tossed it, and it was a big pretty mother hardcover too. I’m not interested in browser playback but rather from within the IDE itself (hello, Arduino!)

I have a lot to look at and try in this visual playground. It’s a lot easier for me to grasp, rather than diving into macOS OpenGL and the like. I love the ability to pretty quickly get some visuals going at close to 60 frames per second – rather than struggling to learn OpenGL and similar technology from scratch on my own. Processing is fairly easy to pick up and understand. It’s even kind of simple to debug, at least I have found that to be the case recently.

Github is a good friend, and StackOverflow is a best friend in times of need.

It’s about time I kicked these tires. My need to produce this kind of work is really from self-motivation and not a true need. So it’s more casual – less of a fury of activity where pure results drive the code. This means I can take the time to better understand the underpinnings and worry less about a set milestone that I need to hit. More trial and error. More playfulness. And the joy of failing often as I take bold steps – while figuring out those missteps along the way.

What do I listen to while coding for Processing? All Hail The Silence of course 🙂

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