Henri Bardouin Pastis Inbound

Enjoy a French-inspired summer.

I am an enthusiastic fan of a cocktail called Perroquet. Perroquet is a traditional French drink, which is very popular throughout France. Perroquet is a Pastis-based drink with peppermint syrup and water. I purchased a glacial mint French syrup instead as I find it a little less sweet than peppermint. It’s very refreshing, wonderful when not too cold – might not need any ice really – and even with its high alcohol content – doesn’t loop you out of reality quickly. Perhaps that’s just me and how my body reacts to it.

I normally have a bottle of Pernod in my cabinet, and usually, try to keep a bottle of Ricard instead. I find it better but it’s a little more difficult to acquire. A little more driving. I also purchased a bottle of Marsailles Pastis recently which is said to be on par with Ricard, but I have not opened that bottle yet.

Time and time again, however, I have read testimonials in regards to Henri Bardouin Pastis and how it is the gold standard in regards to French Pastis. I looked nearby and I could not locate a store that sold it. It’s not that different than the price of anything else, it’s just not very popular around me I suppose.

So I went online to absinthes dot com. Sure enough, it’s available and rated extremely well. So I ordered a bottle, unsure of where it would be sourced.

As it turns out, it’s being shipped to me from Spain. Unusual, but when that bottle arrives, I’m sure to give it a go. I’ll leave a comment or two here after that happens.

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